Add to your Trustpage Overview

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Your Overview is your Trust Center's homepage. It is an interactive report that summarizes the most important parts of how security relates to your business. Let's get started building your Overview!


Search for Topics

Manually add topics one at a time

    • Search for topics. Click the search bar to start typing or start searching through popular topics.

Example: Adding GDPR to your Trust Center

    • Select the topic you want to post about and this will open the edit panel.
    • Add the topic to your overview by:
      • Select Yes or No if you want this topic on your Trust Center
      • Set visibility to Public (this can be changed back to Private at any time and will no longer show on your Trust Center)
      • Add a Statement to your topic. This will be a public-facing description of this topic for your customers to see.

Example: Our company is in full support of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states.

  • Save your topic entry by clicking Save
 A cool feature in the edit pane is the ability to collaborate and communicate with your team members. In the edit pane, you will see an activity feed where you can post things about each topic and tag relevant team members for help.


Scan Resources

Scan existing content for topics

  • Upload resources by clicking the Scan Resources button.
  • Enter the URL or upload the file you want scanned.
  • The resource will be scanned and added to your Trust Center.
  • Visibility of the scanned resources are private by default.

Edit Subprocessors

To access your list of subprocessors, click on the Subprocessors section of the Overview.

Add Subprocessors

  • To add a new subprocessor to your list start searching in the Add new Subprocessor search bar.
  • Select the provider you want to add and it will appear in your list.
  • To edit or remove the subprocessor in your list click the ... menu next to the company name.

Edit Existing Topics

  • Locate the topic you want to edit and click it to open the edit pane.
  • Update your topic and click Save.