Trustpage Watermarking

Shannon DeLange
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Watermarking helps protect your documents by marking downloaded copies of a resource with the name of the recipient of that resource. Should a copy make it into the wrong hands, the watermark would indicate where that version of the document came from.


How does watermarking work?

A watermark will be applied to every page of a downloaded PDF resource. The watermark will be comprised of the following information and will be applied diagonally across each page in the downloaded PDF:

  • User’s email (if logged-in)
  • User’s name (if logged in)
  • “Trustpage” for an anonymous user
  • Date and time the file was downloaded

Please note: 

  • Watermarking is enabled by default for all PDF resources.
  • We don't currently support watermarking for encrypted documents. 
  • Watermarking is available for any of our paid plans.