Creating Roadmap Items

  • Updated

Keep your customers informed about changes you're making to your security posture by creating a security roadmap in your Trust Center.

  • Create a Roadmap item by clicking Add to Roadmap to open the edit pane.
  • Add the roadmap item by filling out the following:
    • Topic: Select the attribute you want to update your customers about.
    • Name: Name the Roadmap entry. Please note, this is customer-facing and you will want to name it something your customers will understand.
    • Description: Describe the update you will be making to the roadmap item. Tip: Keep it brief, simple, and clear to understand for your customers.
    • Category: Select a category that is most relevant to your trust topic.
    • Status: Select the status of the feature you are updating. This can range from Considering to Launched. These can also be updated at any time by clicking the ... menu
    • Visibility: You have the option to keep roadmap items private.
  • To save and publish the Roadmap Item on your Trust Center click Save.