Connecting Vanta & Trustpage

  • Updated

On July 31, 2024 we will be sunsetting Trustpage functionality, and utilizing Vanta's Trust Centers and Questionnaire automation. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have questions

Set up the Integration

  • Log in as an Admin of your Trust Center
  • Click on the Manage dropdown at the top of your Trust Center. From the dropdown, click on Integrations


  • On the Integrations page, click Enable to the right of Vanta


  • In the pop-up that appears, click on Connect to turn on the Integration



Obtaining your Vanta API Token

  • Log in to Vanta
  • Click Settings
  • Click GraphQL API tokens
  • Click Create
  • Add a Name, Description, Scope to Manage All.
  • Leave the Allowed CIDR Range field empty, and set the Expire from created date to Never click Create

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.16.40 PM.png

  • Once the token is generated, copy it and paste the token from Vanta into the Trustpage integration popup. Click Continue.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.17.54 PM.png

  • When sucessfully connected, the Configuration tab will be displayed. The Enable Policies Synchronization and Enable Documents Synchronization settings can be enabled/disabled from here

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.21.49 PM.png

Importing Policies and Documents

Once one or both of sync options are enabled, you will be able to see the Documents and Policies at the bottom of your Trust Center Resources tab under the Imported From Vanta header. Rest assured that all imported resources will be private by default, only visible to Administrators and Collaborators.

  • The Enable Policies Synchronization workflow enables you to import your Vanta Policies to the Trust Center Resources.
    • This includes all Policies that have been approved in your Policies section in Vanta.

  • The Enable Documents Synchronization workflow enables you to import your Vanta Documents to your Trust Center Resources.
    • This includes all Documents that are added as evidence in in your Documents section in Vanta.

Archiving Resources Imported from Vanta

Resources imported from Vanta can be archived if the resource is no longer relevant or accurate and you want to exclude it from Questionnaire Auto-Complete or the Questionnaire Extension.

  • When a Document or Policy is deleted in Vanta, you will need to also archive the Resource from your Trust Center.
  • If you disable the integration, the imported Resources will not be archived, you will need to do this manually. If you need help with bulk delete, reach out to
  • If you accidentally archive a Resource and would like to re-sync it from Vanta, please reach out to

Other Information

  • On your initial set up of the integration, we will pull in Documents and/or Policies (depending on which workflows are enabled) as well as the titles of those Documents and/or Policies.
  • Syncs between Vanta and Trustpage happen once per day.
  • If you update a title of a Document or Policy in Trustpage, the change will not be reflected in Vanta but the change will save in Trustpage and not be impacted by the reoccurring sync.