Connecting Trustpage NDA Status and Salesforce

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Set up the integration

  • Log in as an Admin of your Trust Center
  • Click on the Manage drop down at the top of your Trust Center
  • From the menu that appears, click on Integrations
  • If you have not done so, connect the integration and authorize the integration into your Salesforce instance
  • Once connected, scroll to the section labeled Auto-approve Requests and toggle the option on
  • Select the object which contains the field you wish to sync
  • Select the field which designates that a request can be automatically approved. 
    • We suggest creating a field that corresponds directly to auto-approval permission, and using Salesforce workflows to check this field when a deal is created, a user has signed an NDA, or any other indication your company would use to determine eligibility.

Now, when the selected field is checked on your Salesforce record and the user makes a request for resources in your Trust Center, the request will be automatically approved by Trustpage.


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