Trustpage: Guide for Sales Teams

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All teams across an organization play a role in your security and trust efforts. Here are some ways that your sales team can help out even more by utilizing your Trust Center.


What is a Trust Center?

  • Your companies Trust Center is a central hub of security and privacy information that can be enabled to help you close deals faster, gain visibility into the security process, ensure that security isn't a blocker to closing deals, reduce 80% security reviews, and get through security questionnaires 5x faster.

How Can I Use My Company’s Trust Center?

Sales teams can use their companies Trust Center in the following ways:

  • Create and share directory compare links to highlight security advantages over competitors
  • Share your company’s Trust Center link early and often in the sales cycle to build trust, win buyer confidence, and let prospects self-serve security information
  • Easily share links to common security FAQs to answer customer questions
  • Share top requested documentation with automated NDAs like SOC 2 reports, Pen Tests, or InfoSec Policy docs in the Resources tab
  • Utilize Reviews functionality to share multiple resources at the click of a button
  • Automate NDAs to share resources in-app with a few simple clicks
  • Save your security team’s time and take the first pass at customer questionnaires with our Q&A extension. Leverage past answers and ensure accuracy with our confidence scores.
  • Gain visibility into prospect’s activity with Slack & CRM integrations

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