Questionnaire Automation Guide

  • Updated

On July 31, 2024 we will be sunsetting Trustpage functionality, and utilizing Vanta's Trust Centers and Questionnaire automation. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have questions

Trustpage by Vanta’s Questionnaire Automation is designed to help organizations quickly respond to security questionnaires and effectively communicate their security and compliance to customers and prospects.

Getting Started 

  • Activate your account by clicking on the invite link in the welcome email from Trustpage by Vanta. Please reach out to your account rep if you need the email to be resent.
  • Set up your Vanta Integration to automatically sync your documents and policies into your Questionnaire Automation account.
  • Invite your team so more of your team can save time automating questionnaires.
  • Upload Resources that aren’t synced from your Vanta account. If you don’t have a Vanta account, we recommend adding your things, such as security documentation, policies, reports, white papers, etc.
  • Upload past questionnaires to the answer library. For the best results, we recommend having at least 500 question-answer pairs.
  • Once resources have been uploaded and past answers have been imported, you can start automating questionnaires. Automation improves product usage. To see this improvement, we recommend completing 3-5 questionnaires and following the guidelines provided under “For best results” below.
  • To quickly complete spreadsheet questionnaires, use auto-complete with Vanta AI. Navigate to the Questionnaires tab and create a new questionnaire. Then, upload your blank questionnaire and select auto-complete. 
  • To complete questionnaires in third-party apps, questionnaire portals, or email, use the browser extension with Vanta AI. You can also use the browser extension to complete document-based questionnaires by opening them in a web-based document editor such as Google Docs or Office 365.

For best results

  • Use Vanta AI in both auto-complete and the browser extension. Vanta AI will generate more precise responses by considering the context of your previous answers, policies, and documents.
  • When completing a questionnaire using auto-complete, make all answer adjustments using the edit functionality within the application, then mark the questionnaire as complete. Marking as complete will import new and updated answers back into the answer library for future use.
  • When using the browser extension, add or edit answers directly within the extension before answering. This will ensure all new answers or edits are saved to the answer library.
  • Keep your answer library and resources up-to-date to ensure accurate information is used while automating questionnaires.