Using Auto-complete for Security Questionnaires

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Using Auto-complete for Security Questionnaires

Auto-complete is a feature powered by Vanta AI that quickly drafts responses to questions in spreadsheets using data gathered from your resources and imported questionnaires. Please note, auto-complete is currently an early-stage product and we are dedicated to improving the user experience. Your feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated! Send your feedback to


Requirements for using auto-complete

  • Only Excel files with the extension .xlsx are supported
  • We will accept a maximum file size of 2MB; we recommend keeping files under 1MB for optimal processing speed
  • We support files with one or multiple sheets
  • We currently do not support selecting drop-down options in answer columns. If your questionnaire contains drop-downs, we recommend converting them to text values for compatibility.


Tips to increase your success

  • The more content and resources you add to your account, the better auto-complete becomes. We recommend having a minimum of 500 imported items in your answer library to maximize your results. 
  • You can improve your results by uploading your company's policies and other security documentation to the Resources tab.
  • Trim file size by removing unnecessary trailing rows and columns, and consider deleting unnecessary formulas or sheets. You can always re-add these after the auto-complete process has finished.


Using auto-complete


How do I start auto-complete?

  • If you're using a Trustpage Trust Center with Questionnaire Automation, you must create a Review and then upload the questionnaire file to the review.
  • If you're only using Questionnaire Automation, you will need to first add a Questionnaire by clicking the Add Questionnaire button and then upload the questionnaire file.
  • To populate the questionnaire with responses, click the Auto-complete button.
  • Select a matching confidence level, either Best Match or Exact Match. For a broader range of results, we recommend selecting Best Match.
  • If you opt for Best Match, choose the answer source, either Answer Library and resources or Answer library only.
  • Optionally, switch on Enable Vanta AI.
    • If enabled, which we recommend, Vanta AI will generate more precise responses by considering the context of your previous answers, policies, and documents.
    • Note: Vanta AI is not available for Exact Match confidence.
  • Click the Continue button to proceed.

How do I select columns? 

  • After you click Continue, you will be prompted to label each column on your spreadsheet.
  • Review each tab and check if the columns we detected were labeled correctly.
    • The column options are as follows:
      • Skip this column - This column does not have a question and is not a place to provide an answer
      • Question - The question to be answered
      • Yes answers - Column where only "Yes" answers are provided
      • No answers - Column where only "No" answers are provided
      • N/A answers - Column where only "N/A" answers are provided
      • Yes - No - N/A answers - Column where "Yes," "No, or "N/A" are provided
      • Answer text - Column where "Yes," "No, or "N/A," as well as the answer notes/explanation, are all combined
      • Answer notes/explanation - Column where the answer notes/explanation are provided
  • Then, label any relevant columns remaining using the drop-down menu to match your question and answer columns properly.
  • If columns contain information that is not relevant, make sure the Skip this column option is selected
    • Note: Any skipped column will not be used in the auto-complete process.
  • Once all relevant columns in each spreadsheet tab are labeled, click Start auto-complete to initiate the process.

How do I know when it's complete?

  • When autocomplete is running, you will see a loading icon to show it is in progress.
  • Once auto-complete has finished, you will be notified by email, and the answer file will be shown below the original unanswered file.

How do I distinguish between Vanta AI-generated answers vs answers extracted from the library and other resources?

  • Two different cell background colors visually distinguish auto-completed answers:
    • Purple: Indicates answers generated by Vanta AI
    • Blue: Indicates high-confidence answers sourced from the library and resources
  • NOTE: Answers with background colors are only visible within the in-app spreadsheet editor. The background colors will not be present in the downloaded questionnaire file.

How do I share the completed questionnaires with my customers?

  • Once auto-complete has finished processing, the questionnaire is kept as a private file within the review, only visible to internal team members, not external review participants such as customers or vendors.
  • Once you have reviewed the answers, made adjustments, and confirmed all are correct, you can change the questionnaire's visibility to Shared by clicking the drop-down menu in the three-dot menu.
    • NOTE: Returning completed questionnaires to customers is only available in Trustpage Trust Center accounts. For Questionnaire Automation accounts, download the completed questionnaire file.

What is the difference between Strict and Flexible?

  • Exact Match: Matching confidence will only pull information from the items in your Answer Library with a 95% question-question match. Therefore, you will likely get fewer results but with more accuracy.
  • Best Match: Matching confidence looks at the information in your Answer Library and the information throughout the rest of your Trust Center (topic statements, resource descriptions, FAQs, roadmap items, and the content within your resources) or the help within your Questionnaire Automation account. Therefore, you will likely get more results, but we recommend you look them over for accuracy.

Who can use auto-complete?

  • Any team member in your Trustpage Trust Center or Questionnaire Automation account can start auto-complete. Participants invited to a review need access to use auto-complete.