Out of Date Vanta Agents

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Vanta enforces that any Vanta Agents installed on employee computers must be up to date. We do this as a security best practice to ensure that agents receive quality updates. Vanta will auto-update Agents whenever possible, but if an Agent cannot be auto-updated, Vanta will assign its owner a task to update it.


What Agents are out of date?

  • Agents with a version below 2.0 are considered out of date. Vanta will continue to drop support for legacy Agent versions in the future.

What happens when an Agent becomes out of date?

  • When an Agent becomes outdated and cannot be auto-updated, its owner will have 30 days to update it. Vanta will notify admins and employees when an Agent becomes outdated.

How will admins receive notifications? 

  • When employees have out-of-date Agents, the admin of their Vanta account will be notified through email and/or Slack. All out-of-date Agents and their owners are highlighted on the Computers Page. Admins can filter for Agents by selecting Show me from the pop-up modal on the top of the screen

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 4.45.34 PM.png

How will employees receive notifications? 

  • When an employee has an out-of-date Agent that can’t be auto-updated, Vanta will automatically assign them a task to update it. Instructions will be provided detailing the update process
  • Vanta will then continue to send them reminders to update if Employee Reminders are enabled

What happens if an employee doesn’t update their Agent?

  • If an employee doesn’t update their Agent within the 30-day grace period, Vanta will drop support for the Agent. The Agent will still be viewable in the Unmonitored Tab on the Computers Page. However, it will not be used across tests. Its owner will be considered unmonitored and will fail the Employee computers monitored with the Vanta Agent test.