Format Trustpage Content Using Markdown

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On July 31, 2024 we will be sunsetting Trustpage functionality, and utilizing Vanta's Trust Centers and Questionnaire automation. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have questions

What formatting changes can you make?

Just about anything! We've listed some of our favorites below. If you want a really in-depth list, we'd recommend you give this website a look.


Markdown Cheat Sheet

Element Markdown Syntax
Italic and bold
# text - (H1, the largest font) ## text - H2 ### text - H3
![alt text](image.jpg)
Code block
Check/task list
- [x] task 1 - [ ] task 2 - [ ] task 3
Formatted tables
| Syntax | Description | | ----------- | ----------- | | Header | Title | | Paragraph | Text |

Current Limitations

  • There is a limitation on <h> tags. We only support <h1>, <h2>, <h3> at this time
  • Blockquote and code block markdown syntax do not currently support the use of HTML tags