Installing the Vanta Agent: macOS (Beta Version)

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The Vanta Agent is read-only, which means it will not change anything on your machines. It has limited functionality to read data (Vanta deploys a modified version of osquery that excludes tables that we find dangerous). The agent does not read sensitive information like passwords, emails, or browsing history.  



  • To require employees to download the Vanta Agent, when creating or editing the checklist, make sure Install Vanta Agent is toggled on


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  • Choose whether you would like it as a requirement for all devices, or only devices without an MDM
  • When this checklist is assigned to a group, the Vanta Agent being installed will be a required task for them to complete onboarding 

Downloading the Vanta Agent 

  • Employees will be sent an email to complete their security tasks, Once they log into their personal security tasks page, they will be instructed to download the Vanta Agent 
  • Select download the Vanta agent, and follow the prompts in the setup wizard

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  • A pop-up will appear in the registration, copy the code from your Vanta onboarding page, and paste it into the setup modal 

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