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Connecting Vanta & OpenAI

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Import your organization's users from the OpenAI API. By connecting your OpenAI account with Vanta, Vanta can make API calls as the connecting user, allowing you to display users in OpenAI within Vanta under the Access page.


Connecting Vanta & OpenAI

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Integrations
  • Select the Available tab, and search for OpenAI
  • Click the Connect button

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  • To connect to your OpenAI Account, Vanta needs a API key and an Organization ID.



Obtaining your OpenAI API Key

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  • Enter a name to easily identify the API Key, and select the appropriate project
  • Select All Permissions, then Create secret key to generate the key
    • Note: The API key must be created with the All permissions option. This will allow Vanta access to the endpoint required to fetch users with access to OpenAI, which is not currently accessible with Read-Only permissions. 

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Obtaining your OpenAI Organization ID

  • To get your Organization ID, click on the cog icon to access Settings 
  • Under Organization, click General
  • Highlight the Organization ID and copy



  • Enter the generated Secret key and Organization ID into the connection screen in Vanta
  • Click Connect

Configure the Scope

  • To establish which OpenAI items should be marked in or out of scope for your audit, click Configure Scope in the successful connection message

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  • You can configure scope later by clicking on Configure scope on the connected OpenAI card from the integrations page

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