Error: Inventory is auto assigning to a former employee

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When resources are synced from a cloud provider like AWS or Azure, Vanta will automatically assign the owner as the user who connected the integration by default.



There are a few options to resolve this for you moving forward, depending one what works best for your organisation:


Option A

The user you would like these resources to auto assign to can reconnect the affected integration (AWS/GCP). If you do go this route, please make sure not to delete the integration, only reconnect. Deleting the connection may have adverse affects.

To reconnect:

    • From the Integrations Page, select Manage then Edit next to your Cloud integration
    • Click Add New Account/Project 
    • From here you can go through the process to re-add the same account. This will update the default user to this most recent user who reconnects the integration.

Option B

  • Use bulk tags to automatically tag synced cloud resources. This process will enable you to update the owner directly in your Cloud environment should the owner need to be updated. Please see our help article that goes over Bulk Tags in more detail. 


If you encounter any issues with these solutions, please reach out to and we will be here to help you.