How to deactivate unmonitored accounts in the Offboarding Checklist?

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This is a guide on how to deactivate unmonitored accounts in the offboarding checklist.

The accounts that populate on the offboarding checklist are pulled from the integrations that may pull in individual access information (this appears on the Access page) and the vendor accounts that are marked as a 'high' risk level. For the accounts on the vendors page, these will need to be manually marked off since Vanta isn't pulling any data from them. 
Currently, the offboarding checklist will auto populate based on these factors, for the unmonitored accounts you will just need to manually check them off once you've confirmed the user has no access.


  1. Log into Vanta
  2. Navigate to the People Page.
  3. Click on an Employee that is about to be offboarded. 
  4. Navigate to the Offboarding tab.
  5. Tick the small circle next to one of the Vendors in the Unmonitored Accounts section. 
  6. This will manually deactivate these Vendors and get marked as completed. 
    1. You also have the option to Mark all as Deactivated as well.