How to remove the install Vanta Agent requirement from the onboarding checklist

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  • Administrator access to Vanta


To remove the Install Vanta Agent requirement for security tasks 


You need to go to the checklist the desired user(s) are in, and either disable the Require device monitoring for the checklist entirely:

Or if the users will have a device monitored by an integrated MDM and you do not need them install the agent, then you can select the second option, Don't prompt employees to install the Vanta Agent:



Keep in Mind

  • The changes you make to a checklist apply to every group that has the checklist assigned to them.  

  • If you do not want these changes to apply to all users, but a specific subset of users, you would need to make a new group to put those subset of users in, and then create and assign a a new checklist to that group that has the desired 'Require device monitoring settings'. 

    See, this article for details on creating groups, and then this article for details on creating Checklists if you are not sure how to do those actions.