Removing the Agent Installation Requirements from Onboarding Checklist

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Updating the Checklist

  • From the Checklists page, open the checklist you would like to remove Agent installation from 

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 3.04.15 PM.png

  • From the Require device monitoring task, select Don't prompt employees to install the Vanta Agent 

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 3.13.50 PM.png

Keep in Mind

  • Employee computers must have a mobile device management (MDM) tool or the Vanta Agent installed to pass Vanta's tests. Make sure you have connected an MDM or configured the Vanta Agent.
  • The changes you make to a checklist apply to every group that has the checklist assigned to them.  
  • If you do not want these changes to apply to all users but a specific subset of users, you would need to create a new group for that subset of users and then create and assign a new checklist to that group that has the desired 'Require device monitoring settings'.