Vanta US Data Privacy Training

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Vanta offers US Data Privacy Training developed by our in-house security, privacy, and compliance experts to help ensure your employees learn about necessary data privacy regulations in the United States while nurturing a positive and strong culture of security and privacy.

Vanta’s US Data Privacy Training is housed directly within the Vanta platform—which means your employees can view and complete the videos without leaving the Vanta onboarding page. To assign the training to relevant employees (such as your developers), you can create a group or leverage an existing one for the relevant employees and assign the training to that group. As with all modules within Vanta's security and privacy training library, you can access the videos pertinent to the frameworks you currently use with Vanta.

Employees will see the training video on their onboarding page and need to watch it. The task will be marked as complete once they have watched and submitted it.  

Please note: The security and privacy training videos you can access are contingent
on the Frameworks enabled in your Vanta instance. This means you have access
only to the training videos that are relevant to the frameworks you currently
use with Vanta 

US Data Privacy topics covered

  • Overview of US state-level data privacy regulations
  • Scope and requirements
  • Key definitions
  • Exemptions
  • Consumer rights
    • Right to access
    • Right to correct
    • Right to delete
    • Right to portability
    • Right to opt-out
    • Right to non-discrimination
    • Examples and differences by state
  • Privacy policy requirements
  • Consent
  • Authorized agents
  • Handling requests
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Verification of consumer requests
  • Data security policies and procedures
  • Records of compliance
  • Enforcement and violations