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Integrating Vanta Vendor Risk Management and Zip

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Create an API token in Vanta 

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Settings 
  • Select GraphQL API tokens
  • Select + Create

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 12.58.20 PM.png

  • Add information
    • Name: Used to identify the API token
    • Description: Used for reporting
    • Scope: Manage Vendors
    • Expire from created date: How long the token is valid for
  • Select Create
  • Save the API key, as you will need it in future steps. You will not be able to access the key again once the modal is closed
When ready to use this integration, please reach out to your CSM. They will ensure the Zip & Vanta procurement template is added to your Zip instance.

Set up the Integration in Zip

  • Select the gear icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Select Company Settings 
  • Select Integrations in the left-hand navigation panel 
  • Select Custom apps, open the Vanta badge
    • Please note that the integration template has yet to be enabled if you do not see the Vanta badge. Reach out to your CSM for assistance.

Create a New Connection in Zip

  • From the newly added Custom app, select +New Connection
  • Complete the following information:
  • Test credentials and ensure it says:
  • Select Create

Enable the Connection 

  • From the Custom Integrations tab, open the Vanta Procurement Task template
  • For each of Vanta's steps in the workflow, you will need to apply the connection (look for the Vanta logo)
  • Once a step has been selected, click the radio button next to Vanta 
  • Changes will be saved automatically 
  • This must be done for every Vanta step

Use the Zip Integration for Procurement Workflows