Migrating from Trustpage Questionnaire Automation to Vanta Questionnaire Automation

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Trustpage Questionnaire Automation will be sunset on July 31, 2024. To ensure your questionnaire workflows remain uninterrupted, we recommend migrating your resources and answer library from Trustpage Questionnaires into Vanta by July 1. Click here to learn more about Questionnaire Automation in Vanta. 

Migrate your answer library

  • Log in to your Trustpage Questionnaire Automation instance. To access your Trustpage instance, log in at https://trustpage.com/dashboard 
  • Navigate to the Answer library
  • Click on the Export button
  • This downloads a .xlsx file that you will use to migrate your answer library


  • Import the newly downloaded file into your answer library
    • When the import process asks you to label the spreadsheet columns, select Question for column A and Answer and explanation for column B

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 4.15.28 PM.png

Migrating your resources

  • Log in to your Trustpage Questionnaire Automation instance
  • Navigate to the Resources page
  • Click on the Generate export button
    • Please note that only .PDF and .DOCX files are exported 
    • The export can take several minutes to generate


  • Once the export is completed, click the Download export button. This downloads a .zip file containing all resources for Questionnaire Automation
  • Upload your newly downloaded resources into your knowledge base in Vanta

Please note the following items will not be migrated: 

  • Tags
  • Source (it will reflect the exported file)
  • Last updated data (it will reflect the exported date)

Install the Vanta Questionnaire Automation browser extension