People Page

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The People Page

On the people page, you will see a table of users requiring action, either on the part of the Vanta admin or the listed user. This table will surface users who:

  • have outstanding security task
  • have left the company and need to be offboarded using Vanta's offboarding checklist
  • have completed all of their security tasks

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Employees will take one of 7 statuses

  • Empty: for accounts marked as "not a person."
  • "security task" due soon: the employee has a security task outstanding
  • Security tasks overdue the employee has an overdue task 
  • Security tasks complete: employee is in a good state, nothing to do
  • Offboarding due soon: employee needs to be offboarded
  • Offboarding overdue: the employee has not been offboarded according to the SLA
  • Offboarding complete: offboarding has been completed

Top of Page Navigation

  • Filter: Search for specific users
  • Send Reminder: An employee digest will be sent to users in your company who have tasks due soon or overdue. This reminder doesn't change the recurring email settings.
  • Add User: Add a user to your Vanta Account
  • More:
    • Export: Export list of users
    • Manage HR Data
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User Details

This shows the state of a user's onboard users offboarding and allows you to mark them as a non-user. Possible reasons for marking as a non-user may be: an alias email such as or 
For current users, the detail view displays:
  • Group (editable)
  • Start date (editable, unless you have linked your HR system)
  • State of security requirements (if required for user)
    • Managed computer
    • Policies accepted
    • Security training
    • Background checks
    • Custom tasks (if any have been created)
  • Both admin and employee tasks can be marked as completed
  • Email alerts can be sent to employees needing to complete security requirements.
  • For removed users, the detail view displays the offboarding checklist.



Adding a Person

If you have users that are not part of your identity provider, you can add them.
  • Click Add person
  • Set the name and email, and select their start date
  • Click Add to complete the process


Note: If you need to edit their email address after creation, you will need to contact for assistance.