Access Page

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The Access page allows you to review your employees access amongst the vendors you have integrated with Vanta.

The Access Page

The purpose of this page is to satisfy controls related to access management. You should avoid having shared accounts or accounts that do not have an owner. While Vanta will try to automatically map owners for certain integrations, you may have to manually map the user from the service to the employee in Vanta. If you have any service accounts, it is recommended to mark them as Not a Person.

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Access
  • Each line item gives you information about the Owner of each account, which groups they belong to, and the status of the user:


Assigning & Reassigning an Account

  • To reassign a user to an account, select the pencil icon next to the account that needs to be changed:UpdateOwnerAccess.png
  • From here, you can:
    • Add a new person: Add a new person to Vanta by entering their first name, last name, group association, and start date. This will create a new employee on the People Page and was likely not included in your Identity Provider
    • Assign an External User: Mark this user as a user outside of your organization. These users have access to the system but are not included in the Identity Provider and have limited access to your system (ie. external slack connections).
    • Mark as Not a Person: Recognize this user as a Bot or system that should be selected for service accounts
    • Assign to User: Filter for an existing user and assign



  • This page allows you to filter by the Vendor, Owner, Status (Active\Deactivated), and MFA Status. Update the filter by clicking on it and selecting the option you would like to filter by. Clear the filter by selecting Clear:


Export Access Data

  • Exporting Access Data will download the information from the Access page to an Excel file.
  • Information will be sorted into separate excel sheets based on platforms, i.e AWS, Slack, etc.
  • This option is located on the top right section of the page:


Auditor Access to Completed Access Reviews 

  • To provide clear information to your auditors regarding access reviews, download your completed access review, and upload it to the "Proof of Access Review" document