Security Posture Best Practices

Configure a Screen Lock on Windows Devices

  • Updated

When passing screen-lock tests, the Vanta agent looks at a device's user profile settings to ensure that workstations are secure when users step away from them. If a device has multiple user profiles, the Screensaver settings must be applied to all of them.


  • Open the Start Menu
  • Select Control Panel
  • Search for Screen Saver and click on Change Screen Saver
  • In the dropdown, select a Screen Saver option that is not None
  • Adjust the value in wait for screen saver with a minimum value of 5 minutes, up to a maximum of 60 minutes
  • Check On the resume and display the log-on screen. If this checkbox is not selected, the test will not pass
  • Configuration Complete! The Screenlock test should begin passing after the next check-in