Security Posture Best Practices

Security Awareness Trainings

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Security awareness training helps employees stay informed about the Company's security practices. A good security training program refreshes regularly, giving your organization the most recent information and best practices. Vanta helps you manage a dynamic security program with yearly recurring training options. 


Enabling Vanta Security Training

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Checklists
  • Enable the security training you require of your employees by toggling the switch to on


  • Vanta's training is a preestablished training program for your employees to use
  • Custom training allows you to link to a security training program outside of Vanta
  • Your employees will need to visit to complete their security tasks. Once you are ready, you can enable Vanta's automated reminders to notify them automatically.
  • As an Admin, you can see an employee's progress by opening the People page, selecting the person, and viewing their completed tasks and default requirements.


  • By default, this is an annually recurring task for employees. The training anniversary date is based on the employee's last security training. 
  • Security Awareness training in the second year and any after that will be added to the employee task list. 



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