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Controlling Scope Through Office

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Vanta's Office integration enables you to control which employees should be automatically marked in and out of scope in Vanta by creating and managing the "Vanta O365 Integration" app assignments within Azure.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to consult your CSM and auditor to validate the set of accounts that should and should not be managed by Vanta.


Configure Office

  • Login to Azure and navigate to the Enterprise applications page to find the "Vanta O365 Integration" app:



  • Assign the Vanta O365 Integration app in Azure to the desired employees or groups:Screen_Shot_2022-03-30_at_7.32.51_PM.png


Validate account assignments

  • Verify that the list of employees and groups that are assigned to the Vanta app reflects your desired scoping preferences. 
    • Vanta recommends creating an automated provisioning process to assign the Vanta app to new employees or at least ensuring that you have developed a process.


Enable the feature in Vanta

  • Open the Integrations page and find the Office 365 integration
  • Select Manage
  • Select Configure Scope 


  • Enable the IdP scoping toggle


  • Once this feature is enabled, all user scope will be managed through Azure, and the scoping toggle in Vanta will be disabled. Vanta will update the scope status for IdP accounts on the next data fetch, which happens hourly. 



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