Transition from the Vanta Agent to a MDM

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The Vanta Agent is a lightweight program designed to run in the background of your employee computers to monitor specific settings and applications. Are you ready to advance your employee security program by adding a full-service MDM, follow these instructions!

Getting Started

  • First, you will want to connect your MDM of choice on the integrations page.  
  • Next, decide if you still want employees to use the Vanta Agent and update your Vanta device monitoring options for each of your Checklists Settings.
Stop Requiring Vanta Agent Monitoring
  • Once you have added the MDM integration you can choose to turn off Agent monitoring completely by toggling Vanta device monitoring off
  • or choose to monitor with both the MDM and agent
Continue to Require Vanta Agent Monitoring on all Devices
  • Monitor your computers with your MDM and the Vanta Agent. Keep the Vanta Agent on all computers and simply add your MDM in addition. You may choose this option if your MDM does not detect all of the configurations required to secure your employee computers and pass Vanta’s security tests. 
Only Keep Vanta Agent Monitoring on Devices without an MDM
  • Monitor your computers with your MDM or the Vanta Agent. Install your MDM by default but if it’s not available, fall back on the Vanta Agent. You may choose this option if your MDM of choice doesn’t support all of your employees' computers. For example, your MDM might only support MacOS but some of your employees use Windows. No need to leave your Windows computers unmonitored, use the Vanta Agent. 

Next Steps 

  • First, let’s confirm that devices are being correctly monitored on the computer's page. From this table, you can view how each computer is being monitored. So, if a computer has both the Vanta Agent and your MDM installed, you will see options for this device.   

Remove the Vanta Agent

  • You can control monitoring by Vanta Agent from the computers page. Select the device you want to remove monitoring for, chose Remove computer, and confirm this action. 
  • Remember devices that have both the MDM and the Vanta agent will have two options listed. Remove only the option with Monitored by: Vanta Agent
You can also remove the Vanta Agent by running the uninstall command directly from your new MDM.
Requirement: The agent needs to be on version 2.0.9 or later

  • If you want to check the version on a specific laptop, run: vanta-cli --version
  • If you want to see a list of available targets, run vanta-cli update
 To uninstall the agent, run:
sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli uninstall --deactivate --secret=<company-secret>
C:\ProgramData\vanta\vanta-cli deactivate --secret=<company-secret>

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