Monitoring devices with an Mobile Device Management tool (MDM)

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools offer a robust solution for managing and monitoring your company devices and demonstrating that employee computers are configured securely. Vanta currently offers connections with several popular MDM solutions on the market, which can be seen on the integrations page in your Vanta dashboard. 

Are you looking to transition from the Vanta Agent to an MDM? Update your Device Monitoring onboarding requirements?

  • The Vanta Agent can continue as a supplementary option alongside your MDM. The Checklist settings allow you to choose whether you would like the Vanta Agent as a requirement for all devices or only devices without an MDM.


Installing the Vanta Agent on Devices without an MDM

  • Enable this option to monitor your computers with your MDM by default, and the Vanta Agent will be used as a secondary monitoring option. 
    You may choose this option if your MDM doesn’t support all of your employees' computers. For example, your MDM might only support MacOS, but some of your employees use Windows. There is no need to leave your Windows computers unmonitored; use the Vanta Agent. 
  • This option allows you to view users who do not have a monitored device registered. You can then install your preferred MDM on those devices, ask users to install the Vanta Agent or exempt them from this onboarding requirement.

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Require Vanta Agent Monitoring on all Devices

  • Monitor your computers with your MDM and the Vanta Agent. Keep the Vanta Agent on all computers and add your MDM in addition. You may choose this option if your MDM does not detect all configurations required to secure your employee computers and pass Vanta’s security tests. 

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Stop Requiring Vanta Agent Monitoring

  • You can disable device monitoring altogether as an onboarding requirement within Vanta, managing this within your MDM platform directly. 
  • Assets with the integrated MDM installed will continue to be visible on the Computers page to monitor the device's security-relevant settings, however, users with unmonitored devices will no longer be tracked on the Unmonitored tab

Check if a Device is Monitored by an MDM or the Vanta Agent

  • A device monitoring source can be viewed from the computers page or the Computers tab on a user profile. From this table, you can view how each computer is being monitored.
  • If a computer has both the Vanta Agent and your MDM installed, you will see both options for this device.   

Remove the Vanta Agent