Connecting Office 365 as an Identity Provider

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Through the Vanta and Office 365 integration, you can use Office 365 as your identity provider.

  • In order to do this, you must first be an Admin in Microsoft Office365. 
  • Visit the Microsoft Admin Center and check the Role of your Account



In Microsoft Admin Center:

  • Under Users, select Active Users
  • Select your Account and look for the Roles section


  • Select Manage Roles to edit these
  • If you do not have appropriate permissions, You will receive the following when attempting to connect with this account:


  • You will need a Global Administrator Role in order to connect to Vanta:



In Vanta

  • Click on the Connect Office365 Button to be prompted to log in into your Office365 Account:


  • If you have an appropriate role, then you will need to accept the following:


  • Once Accepted, You'll be redirected back to Vanta, And should see your new connection established.
  • The Loading Icon below will slowly fill as the resources are fetched.




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