Switching Identity Providers - What should I know?

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You must keep your original identity provider in Vanta! This will lead to the tool thinking all employees need offboarding and lock you out of the platform. We also suggest contact support before you make any changes to your IDP.


Changing Identity Providers

  • Confirm that both tools you will be using are current integration options in Vanta
  • Review with Support that the switch will be most manageable if the employee emails are identical from the original IDP to the new IDP, Meaning that the structure of the email domain should be the same - i.e., firstname@vanta.com or firstname.lastname@vanta.com. If the emails differ, Vanta will have difficulty with the matching logic, which could lead to an issue.
  • Select Connect app for the new Identity Provider if the emails are identical.  
    • Remember, do not delete the original integration!
  • Follow the prompts for the integration with the new IDP and Vanta



Please reach out to support@vanta.com for additional support!