What is an "Upcoming" Test?

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This is a guide to explain what is meant by the "Upcoming" test.


On your Tests dashboard, you may see some tests are Upcoming.


An upcoming test is either:

  • A new test - for example, if AWS adds a new database type, Vanta will add new tests that check that database's configuration.
  • An update to an existing test - for example, if a compliance standard starts requiring policies to be renewed annually, Vanta would update its policies tests to check for annual completion.

Upcoming tests have a rollout date: 

  • Until this date passes, the test does not have its history tracked and is not visible to auditors.
  • This gives you "heads up" time to address the test before it starts being part of your audit.
  • After the date passes, the test will begin recording history and become part of your normal security and compliance task list.



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