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Automate your Security Questionnaire Responses with the Vanta & Stacksi Integration

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Stacksi is an automated security questionnaire response tool that uses AI and expert review to achieve an industry-leading questionnaire completion rate, fast.  Stacksi was designed for security, privacy and compliance due diligence.


Connect Vanta with Stacksi



Completing a Questionnaire

  • Upload the vendor questionnaire into Stacksi. Stacksi’s technology will read a questionnaire regardless of the uploaded format
  • Link your Vanta account in Stacksi. The Stacksi API will automatically pull in policies and recognize any updates. 
  • Stacksi experts will review questions, filling in necessary answers. Stacksi will then contact you to review the questionnaire results and answer any questions
  • Reviews can be scheduled 48 hours after submission. 
  • The technology improves each use as the AI learns the answers and behaviors. By the third questionnaire, 90-95% of questions should be answered
  • The questionnaire can be exported in the format it was provided (Doc, Excel, Web Format, etc…)


Stacksi FAQ

What formats does Stacksi support?

  • In addition to native handling of document-based formats (e.g. Excel, Word, PDF), Stacksi has built-in automations for nearly 100 different web portals. This ensures a seamless import and export into nearly every portal in the industry.

How does Stacksi populate the questionnaire?

  • In addition to finding answers in all docs (incl. policies), Stacksi uses expert guidance to review the questionnaire and provide answers for previously unseen questions.

Will Stacksi submit questionnaires in portals for me?

  • Stacksi will upload answers back to the portal the questions came from. Additionally you will be notified  when the process is complete. If you would like Stacksi to submit the questionnaire on you behlaf, you can turn on a toggle under by clicking on Settings, and then Company Details.

Who can upload questionnaires into Stacksi?

  • Stacksi supports multiple roles in the app that allow qualified team members to review and approve answers before they are sent to your customers and clients 

How can I invite other members of my team?

  • Click on your company's Name / Logo
  • Select Settings
  • Select Users 
  • Select Add Team Member.
  • Choose the individual's role and enter their email. You can turn on domain-wide access, which allows anyone from your organization to join as a General user (with limited access permissions).

Does Stacksi allow us to download completed questionnaires back into the original format?

  • Once you have approved the questionnaire, you can share questionnaires directly within Stacksi or download them back into the original format (or portal).
  • Click on Send to Client and choose the method of sharing that you would like. 

Can I tag other members of my team to answer a question?

  • Stacksi supports commenting and assigning specific questions to team members on an individual question level, you can also assign approvers on a questionnaire.




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