Adding an NDA to your Trust Reports

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With Vanta Trust Reports, admins can gate confidential documentation, such as a SOC 2 report, security report, or a previously filled out questionnaire. This will allow individuals, potential customers, and clients to request access to your trust reports, but require their signature on a NDA first- keeping your information private and secure. As a Vanta admin, you have the authority to decide the process and workflow of sending or not sending NDAs. 


Adding your NDA to Vanta

  • Go to Settings in your Vanta Trust Reports
  • Upload your NDA 
  • Upload your NDA in Trust Settings
  • You can delete and re-upload an NDA


  • You can delete and re-upload an NDA if needed

  • When sending your Trust reports, you can now request the recipient sign an NDA before they are allowed to view the documents




  • If you allow access requests to your trust reports, you can also request an NDA signature prior to sending. 


  • Admins can then Accept or Deny access to requests from the Vanta platform


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