Offboard a user in Vanta while keeping an Inbox Active

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Admins may want to sometimes offboard an employee in Vanta but keep the former employee’s inbox active after their offboarding date for various reasons. This is possible by using the suspension or block sign-in feature of your identity provider. 
Google Workspace 
  • Google Workspace’s suspension feature will classify users as 'Ex-employees' in Vanta and gives administrators a minimum of 30 days to forward emails, or change ownership of the drive data. 
  • You can learn more here: Suspend a User in G Suite.
Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office 365 does not have a suspension feature, rather administrators block sign-in for the user. This allows the inbox to stay active while preserving user data. When this action is detected, Vanta will trigger the offboarding flow for the user.
  • You can learn more about here: Blocking Sign-in for a User
Okta and One Login 

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