We are expanding our MDM integrations to now include VMware’s Workspace One UEM product. Admins can configure Vanta to fetch data from customers’ Workspace One accounts.


Connecting Workspace One to Vanta

  • From the integration page, under Mobile Device Management tools, select Add
  • Choose VMware Workspace one 
  • To connect Workspace One to Vanta, a customer will need to create an OAuth client ID and secret following the instructions in this guide 
  • The role they use for the OAuth client must have read access to Devices, Users, and Profiles data.
  • On the integrations page, the admin can pass the client ID and secret. You must also provide their Workspace One domain (in the format of “cn1234.awndn.com”)


Connecting Screenlock Data to Vanta

  • Workspace One doesn’t pass screenlock data through their API. To verify screenlock data in Vanta, admins need to create a passcode profile in their Workspace One account and apply it to all their computers.
  • Follow these instructions:  here for macOS and here for windows.