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Community Overview

Vanta Community aims to connect Vanta users across the globe to have meaningful conversations surrounding the Vanta Platform and all things security & compliance related. To achieve this, it is essential to ensure all community members feel safe to post and communicate with others. We request the following guidelines are adhered to while utilizing Vanta Community. 

The community is intended to be a Vanta User to Vanta User discussion platform. A Vanta team member will assist if product questions have yet to be answered within 48 business hours. 


Be Kind

  • Please treat others as you would in person, with kindness! 


Be Respectful

  • All content must be respectful of community guidelines and other community members. Content that promotes violence, harassment, or discrimination will not be tolerated.


Don’t Spam

  • Vanta Community intends to be a forum where like-minded people can discuss the Vanta Platform and compliance and security topics. Please don’t post advertisements or email users with other promotions or services.


Be Safe

  • This is a public forum. We do not recommend sharing personal information, company information, or private data. Vanta is not responsible for disclosing data and information generated by you or other community members.



  • By logging onto the community and activating your profile, you agree with the abovementioned terms and conditions.


Moderators can remove content and users who do not comply with the Community Guidelines. We appreciate your commitment to making Vanta Community a safe place for all our members!


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