Weekly Icebreaker: Week of January 1

Shannon DeLange Conversation starter Idea generator

What is the most frustrating thing you see regularly as someone who works in security & compliance? Why does it stand out to you so much?


  • Too much information on social media
  • Password notebooks
  • "Password" as a password




  • Comment author
    David Ko Great answers

    Phishing texts from the CEO!

  • Comment author
    KillCreek Vanta Expert Great answers

    Came here to say the same! Social engineering via SMS is over the top right now.

  • Comment author
    Mike Tedesco - Kobalt.io Great answers

    Social media posts designed to get people to provide their password hints that go viral.

    e.g. Tell me how old you are by telling me your first concert.

  • Comment author
    Michael Argast Conversation starter Idea generator

    Devs who think they are too smart to fall for malware and phishing attacks, and actively push back against security controls.

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    Krista Field Great answers Rising star

    I worked at an apple retail store, and some people would just hand over every password they have ever had to me! Some would just give me a sheet of paper with passwords, credit card numbers, SSN. Smh.

    Then I would always have a nice conversation about password safety with them. 


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