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Michael Argast Vanta Partner Conversation starter Idea generator

This is a meta-feature request - a feature request for the community, not the product.

I find web based communities challenging to maintain engagement with, as life is busy and I'll forget to check in.

An option for a daily/weekly "Community Digest" email would be helpful to keep people coming back, follow up with posts, etc.



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    Stevie Vanta Team Member Vanta Expert Great answers

    I love this idea, Michael! Do you think a daily cadence of emails is too much? Allow the user to customize based on preference? Thanks for being here!

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    Shannon Idea generator Vanta Team Member Conversation starter

    This is such a wonderful idea - it can be hard to sift through lots of comments to find specific content. I'll look into getting this enabled - I really appreciate the suggestion. Thank you for being a member of the community! 


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