How to Use In Product Support

Krista Field Vanta Team Member Great answers

If you haven't used in product support before, it is super helpful way to get to Vanta's top four support channels. In the bottom right corner of each page in Vanta, you should see a support button: 

After clicking the support button, the chat bot will automatically suggest the most common articles related to the page you're requesting support from, so try accessing the support button from the page you have questions about: 

Clicking the "get in touch" button will bring up one, or two options (depending on the time of day), Chat or Contact Support.

Chat Ask Ilma anytime, and our team member will follow up with you by email Monday through Friday if Illma can't answer your question. 

Our live chat is available, Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM ET / 11 AM - 10 PM GMT.

Using the support button is easy peasy and get you in contact with support fast. 



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    David Ko Great answers

    Vanta's support team is top notch!

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    Denise S. Community Moderator Idea generator Vanta Team Member

    I love chatting with our customers! It feels mutually beneficial when we're able to partner with our customers (live) regarding a platform issue/frustration or just to gain clarity on functionality *chefs kiss*. Plus, it's a nice way to humanize the Vanta<>Customer experience! See you in chat!


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