5 Things to Keep Top of Mind as a New Vanta User

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First-time caller, and long-time listener coming in hot from the Vanta team! 

Being at Vanta for 3 years in Customer Success has helped me understand some key do's and don'ts for new users of the Vanta platform. This post will outline the top 5 in honor of the roman numeral (and Vanta logo) - V. 

Let's get into those tips: 

  1. Logging in For the First Time: Know that the initial login link to Vanta can only be clicked by 1 end user! If you are trying to access Vanta and you're unable to get in, be sure to ask that first admin to connect the identity provider integration and they will be able to add you as an admin in no time.

  2. The More You Integrate, The More We Automate: You did all the work building out your business, let Vanta do all the work continuously monitoring as many systems as possible! By connecting all of your systems to Vanta, you'll be saving countless hours and headaches since our automated platform will do the heavy lifting of telling you what needs to be addressed daily. 

  3. It Takes Two: The fastest teams to complete any compliance work will be teams that have someone who is focused on the technical remediation and the administrative/operational remediation during audit prep. Once you start working in Vanta, you should know who is going to work through your technical tests as well as who is going to create your company policies and ensure that employee onboarding runs smoothly. 

    4. Policies Before Employee Onboarding: Your company policies are going to be the cornerstone of your new security framework. While they are a large undertaking, Vanta has handled a lot of the heavy lifting with our policy stack (created by the British Standards Institute) so all you need to do is enter your pertinent information. I highly suggest that you complete your company policies BEFORE you kick off employee onboarding because if your policies are not fully created, your employees (aka cats) will have an extra hard time being herded to complete their security onboarding tasks!

    5. Seeing What the Auditor Sees: Curious about what the auditors are going to see when they conduct the audit? Look no further than our Compliance page! This page is the same exact page that our auditors will use to conduct your audit so you can get insight into how they review your controls and the evidence mapped to those controls. No hidden secrets or evidence here! 

And there you have it! 5 tips that will help you get logged in, prepared, and audit-ready using the Vanta platform. 

Stay tuned for more content from your friendly Vanta CS team! 


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    This is a great starting place for users! We get customers writing into support, eager to start, and I can't wait to start sharing this with them. 


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