Using ChatGPT In Vanta!

Jones Vanta Team Member Conversation starter Great answers

I too am wildly interested in the wonder of this ChatGPT craze and I wonder about ways that we would be able to use that tool within our platform. 

The first idea that comes to mind is to help with answering tricky compliance questions using a chat bot of sorts but, what other ways would you like to see AI in Vanta? 

Share your thoughts below! 



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    Shannon Idea generator Vanta Team Member Conversation starter

    This is such a cool idea- there are so many different avenues when it comes to compliance - having a bot be able to answer some of the more complex questions quickly would be so helpful! 

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    Krista Vanta Team Member Great answers

    I know it would save me from poking the CSMs and audit team all day! Love this! 

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    Lucien Pinto Community Founding Member Conversation starter Idea generator
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    On my side, I'm backslashing vendors that integrate and enable, by themselves, any OpenAI integration.

    I'm going back and forth with some vendors that are currently either offering it or deploying it within their product.

    It's pretty scary when the Vendor sales staff doesn't understand when you ask about their DPA with OpenAI or any related privacy concern 😱 !

    In a nutshell, I would expect from Vanta some carefulness before such integration.


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