Weekly Icebreaker: Week of January 23

Shannon Idea generator Vanta Team Member Conversation starter

What would be the first piece of advice you gave to a newcomer in the security and compliance field? 



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    Krista Field Vanta Team Member Great answers

    Stay calm and read the remediation text! After joining Vanta, I was intimidated to try learning the product, and all about Soc 2, ISO, so much information!

    But Vanta really does make it easy to understand what's wrong with a particular test, and how to solve. 


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    Jones Vanta Team Member Conversation starter Great answers
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    Be really clear on why you are engaging with this process and why it makes sense for your business. Engaging with security and compliance is a journey so you'll want to be clear on the "why" since that journey is not always easy. We all need a North Star!


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