Checkr International Background Checks - What do I do?

Ryan Vanta Team Member Conversation starter

Are you having troubles with International Background Checks from Checkr? Dont worry, it's not just you. Due to how Checkr processes checks outside of the US, they're not currently able to be pulled through into Vanta, however, there are a few options you have to work around this limitation! I'll go ahead and lay them out below: 
(Option 1)
To manually link a background check to a user, you can go directly to the employee's profile on the people page, click on the onboarding tab, then hover over background check, and you should see a link icon:

Click the 'Link' button, then click 'Link Custom URL', and then you'll have the option to add a link to where the background check is. If Checkr has a share link for the background check, you can add that, or you can upload it to a third party file hosting site (such as Google Drive) and share the link from there.
(Option 2) 
You can disable monitoring for the employee from the Background check test, and upload the background check here, in the document tab: 

(Option 3)
You can create a new group for employees that are outside of the US by navigating to the groups page in Vanta. By creating a new group, you can choose to not require background checks for these employees and manually upload the background check here, in the document tab



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    Taylor Buckler Vanta Team Member Conversation starter Great answers

    And a friendly reminder! Be sure to chat with your Customer Success Manager if you're wondering what the requirement is for international background checks when it comes to compliance. 

    Hint: International background checks are usually a security best practice, but not a compliance requirement. 

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    Krista Vanta Team Member Great answers

    Great call out here Ryan! Thanks for sharing. This will be great for our customers. 


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