Secrets Strategy

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Secrets are pieces of text used to authenticate from one service to another, and they are used in most applications you use daily. In this episode of Coffee & Compliance, Rob and Brian will dive deeply into this very technical process and provide tips for managing a secrets strategy effectively within your organization.

Join Rob Picard, Security Lead at Vanta, and Brian Vallelunga, CEO and Founder of Doppler, as they reveal secrets… about secrets strategy!


What strategy does your company use to help keep secrets, secret? Share your thoughts in the comments! 👇



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    Sebastian Brandes Idea generator

    If you want a great tool for detecting and preventing leaked secrets in source code, have a look at Gitleaks.

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    David Ko Great answers

    Great watch.  Thanks for sharing!

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    Lynna Derum Vanta Team Member Great answers

    Fantastic listen! Great conversation around managing secrets and the thought process to create a strategy around your organization's needs. Thanks all! 


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