3 Reasons to Scan for Vulnerabilities

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1. Maintain suitable security protocols

    • SOC 2 reporting may feel like a process of formalities and paperwork, but in the end, its purpose is to protect your system and your critical data better. While the security controls outlined in SOC 2 guidelines will do this, you can save your system even more by reducing the opportunities for human error. Integrating your vulnerability scan with your compliance automation platform does precisely this. It allows you to maintain more secure protocols and reduces the capacity for human error.‍


2. Saving time in your SOC 2 compliance preparation

    • A security engineering team’s time is valuable and limited, so the more time you can cut out of your compliance preparation process, the better. This is another advantage of Vanta’s vulnerability visibility compared to other compliance platforms. The feature reduces the manual cross-referencing needed from your security team so they can invest more of their time into additional security measures.‍


3. Simplifying your SOC 2 audit

    • As important as saving time while preparing for your SOC 2 audit, you also want to make the audit process as quick and efficient as possible. If your auditor needs to come back to you to request documentation that isn’t compiled, it will slow the audit and add to your audit costs.



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