What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Shannon Idea generator Vanta Team Member Conversation starter

Scanning for vulnerabilities means your company actively looks for weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your assets and systems. Vulnerability scans help you locate specific gaps in your security system, such as missing patches, outdated applications, or faulty firewalls. If a scan reports anything suspicious, you’ll be able to mitigate any issues before they become too serious.


What tips do you have for vulnerability scanning? Share your insight in the comments!



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    Sebastian Brandes Idea generator

    If you're looking for a vulnerability scanning solution for your web app that integrates with Vanta, have a look at Heyhack (disclaimer: I'm the founder but I promise you that it's worth your while 😃).

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    Lucien Pinto Community Founding Member Conversation starter Idea generator

    Besides answering on software or technical preferences, we can also approach it within another prism : the integration with Vanta, as available with Heyhack, mentioned previously by Sebastian Brandes :) !

    It's clearly a game-changer to have results integrated within Vanta directly 🤩 !


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