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I'm the co-founder of Heyhack—a tool for conducting automated penetration tests of web apps and APIs. We recently announced our integration with Vanta, which lets you sync vulnerabilities found by Heyhack directly into Vanta.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on penetration testing. Have you worked pentest consultants and, if so, how was your experience? What are you expecting to get out of a pentest? Are you mostly looking to get a pentest to comply with certification requirements or are you using pentests actively to increase the security of your application?

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.


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    Hello Sebastian!

    This is such a great question.

    We had some trouble with posts being flagged -  I apologize for the delayed response. The community is still in the early stages, but more Vanta users are joining everyday! 

    Thanks so much for being a member of the Vanta community, and we look forward to continuing to build the community with you!


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