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Hey All,

My name is Jacob Shields and I'm pretty excited about how Vanta is really engaging it's user community! I'm a United States Army Veteran and am currently the Director of Customer Experience & Technology at DojoNetworks. I've gone through SOC 2 audits the last 5 years as a stakeholder in my previous company. Now the table has flipped and I'm the one driving the ship to push us towards SOC 2 compliance.

One of the biggest reasons I enjoy Vanta is the fact that so much is automated; this was not the case for my last 5 years of doing SOC 2 audits! With a small team, we're able to accomplish so much more by having things automated and not having to spend numerous manual hours collecting data. 

So why is a Customer Experience leader playing in the Security Space?

  • My degree is actually in Network Security! 

A little fun fact about me:

  • I've been recognized as a Top 25 Customer Experience Thought Leader and Top 30 Customer Service Influencer.

As I'm sure you can tell Customer Experience is near and dear to me and should be at the forefront of everyones mind from top leadership in a company down to the most important individuals (those who interact with customers!). The one thing many do not talk about however is how to properly incorporate Security & Compliance into the overall Customer Experience! 

I look forward to learning more about everyone and engaging with the community - here's to a great group! 

- Jake



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    Shannon Idea generator Vanta Team Member Conversation starter

    Firstly, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your service to the nation - it's an inspiration to us all. Your journey, from serving in the military to leading compliance at your company, is truly remarkable, and we're privileged to have you share it with us.

    I'm thoroughly impressed by how you combine customer experience and technology in your role. This is a rare combination but one that makes perfect sense. Trust is the foundation for any successful customer-company relationship. With you at the wheel, your customers and company are in excellent hands! 

    Looking ahead, I'm excited to learn more from you about the security and compliance industry and to foster a thriving network of Vanta users. As we establish a Founding Members group over the next month, I would be thrilled to have you on board. Please let me know if you're interested!


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    Taylor Buckler Vanta Team Member Conversation starter Great answers

    Hello there, Jacob - It's so nice to "e-meet" you! I'm Taylor a Customer Success Manager at Vanta.

    100% agree on how Customer Experience ties back into Security, Compliance & Trust. Typically, customer success managers and customer support folks have access to a lot of customer data; and it's critical we all understand how to protect that data (security awareness training, hard disk encryption, not falling for phishing attempts, etc.).

    Looking forward to seeing you around the community! 

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    Emmett Jones Community Moderator Vanta Team Member Conversation starter

    So glad you're here, Jacob!  Thanks for sharing your story and the overlap your manage in the worlds of CX and security - this community will learn a lot from you!  

    I see a future webinar - "Security and Compliance in the Customer Experience"!

    See you around the community 👋

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    Jess Vanta Team Member Great answers

    Welcome to the Vanta community, Jake! +1 to Emmett's point about a future webinar, and we're excited to learn from you and your expertise in customer experience, security, and compliance!

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    Chris Vanta Team Member Great answers

    We're so happy to have you Jake! Excited to see your unique and diverse background be impactful for this community. Thanks for your commitment to share in this space! 

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    Margarita Wilshire Great answers Vanta Team Member

    Welcome to the Vanta Community Jake! 

    Thank you for your service.

    Thanks for sharing your super interesting background. I'm looking forward to hearing and learning from you in this community !

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    Sarah Wilkey Community Founding Member Conversation starter

    Great to have you here Jacob!

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    Lucien Pinto Community Founding Member Conversation starter Idea generator

    Hey Jacob,

    Thanks for your introduction ! 

    You're mentioning a soooo important fact : the automation allowed by Vanta. It's clearly a game-changer 🥊 !


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