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Hi Ilma!

I've seen Chromebooks be used frequently in an office setting, and I was curious if these are a compliant choice when pursuing a SOC 2 attestation. 



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    Ilma Vanta Team Member

    What a great question!

    From a Vanta agent perspective, Chromebooks don’t need the Vanta Agent installed. Chromebooks are secure and automatically pass the HD encryption and AV controls. Additionally, they are protected via GSuite for password manager control! If you'd like a bit more information, check out this article here!
    If you want to deactivate monitoring for a Chromebook on any associated tests within Vanta, here is our help article on this: Deactivate monitoring for a resource on a Test

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    Michał Rokitiański Conversation starter

    Hello, are you planning the feature of showing  which Chromebooks are not updated?

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    Endless Options Case



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