Policies / Framework controls Mapping

Im still new to Vanta, but a thought....

I'd like to be able to see Framwork Controls mappedĀ  to Policies in a Table format and be able to create new Policies and map them (checkboxes) to the Framwork Controls

Would make customizing the app to local customer circumstances a lot easier / quicker.

Example is there are 69 Framework/Controls mapped to OPERATIONS SECURITY POLICY in ISO 27001. Of the 69 we have individual policies for 20 plus of them so I need to be able to remap to my Policy Framework/Controls easier than it seems now

But hey...Im new to Vanta so if Ive missed something here please do point me in the right direction


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    Joshua Tjong Great answers Vanta Team Member

    Hey Frank Hailstones!

    First off, welcome to the Vanta family! We're always looking to make our product experience better for users just like you and we appreciate the feedback. I just shared your feedback to the appropriate team and we'll look into this.

    In the meantime, I would love to invite you to our research panel! Our panel is the first group of people that we contact to learn more about our users' processes, use cases, and to get feedback on ideas and prototypes! You can learn more about our research panel at Vanta.com/research. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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