Returning Employee 365 Not Syncing?

I have an employee that we've previously offboarded that has since returned. As per Vanta's guidance we have created a new onboarding and kept their previous offboarding entry in place, however when I go to each objects properties and look at the sources they're pulling from the old offboarded user object is syncing and pulling from 365 while the new user objects only Source is Vanta.

This is preventing the user from logging in and completing their onboarding trainings. Is there anyway to switch 365 syncing over to the new onboarding account?


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    Ilma Vanta Team Member

    Hello, Flexible Systems!

    Thank you so much for reaching out. To solve the issue, we will need a bit more context. I've opened a ticket for you with our amazing support team; they'll reach out soon to assist! 

    Thank you for being a Vanta user and Community member!


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