Policy Editor: Ability to include pictures

Mark Bijl Conversation starter Idea generator

The policy editor is a great tool as having all policies and supporting documents in one place simply creates an easier workflow for the team. In some cases, though, we want to add illustrations of e.g. diagrams, but this is currently not possible.

I understand the challenge of having an online WYSIWYG editor and having it support image uploads strangely enough is not trivial. Having a slightly less WYSIWYG approach would also be fine with me, for example you can upload the files separately and use a reference to the image in your editor to include it?



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    Sean Cronin

    Agree with you Mark. This feature needs to be added to the editor tool bar. A solution is already in place for company logo to be inserted. It would not take a lot of effort to allow images to be inserted from a customer managed media folder with upload and delete functionality. VANTA, please add.

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    James Deck



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